Five Habits of Highly Successful Eaters

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

(Hilary Schauer)

1. Seek Help

  • Motivation to change how you eat must come from within. Making healthy changes can be a significant task and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

2. Focus on health and Performance

  • You will rarely be satisfied if your focus is on aesthetics. Work on achieving better wellness markers and gym numbers (lab and movement metrics). Positive changes on the scale and in the mirror are side effects of increased wellness.

3. Log Your Intake

  • Tracking what you eat and how you perform with physical activity cannot be overstated. Logging food intake and fitness efforts are actionable measures of accountability that set aside emotion, and allow you to make a real connection between diet and performance, and reaching your goals.

4. Make a Long-Term Commitment

  • Wellness, and all the benefits associated with it, is a lifelong process. Looking at your diet as a 2-month journey will most likely leave you with temporary results at best. Shooting for 80% compliancy is a great goal. This leaves 20% for social events and indulging in other foods you might enjoy.

5. Find a Community of Support

  • Surround yourself with like minded friends and people that understand and appreciate your goals, and that also realize the road to wellness is not a sprint, but a life-long marathon.

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