Make Up Your Mind

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

A positive mindset is the best guide in your journey towards healthy and lasting weight loss

It is often hard to avoid the confusion and frustration that all too often surrounds the “lose weight quick” culture. Everywhere we go, we seem to be inundated with new diets, fitness gadgets, books, magazines, radio casts, and even television shows, that offer some type of solution to losing weight and keeping it off.

Managing weight is a lifetime journey. It is important to understand that whether you want to lose 200 or 20lbs, the journey can only begin, and continue to progress with positive mind-fullness.

Here are 10 ways that will help you build a mind-set to bullet proof your weight loss success:

  1. Change Your Goals: Weight loss should only be a result of your healthy lifestyle goals.

  2. Gravitate to Positivity: Invest yourself into people that want to be a part of your journey.

  3. Rethink Rewards and Punishments: Your journey is about self-care. Nutrition and Exercise are both things you deserve.

  4. Take a Breath: Take a few minutes several times a day to use focused breathing as a way to connect your mind and body. You don’t even have to focus on a specific thought. Just breath, and be with yourself.

  5. Throw Out the Calendar: Don’t give yourself a deadline for losing weight. Everyone is different. Instead, focus on accomplishing short actionable goals. The rest will happen.

  6. Identify Your “Trouble Thoughts”: Take conscious and immediate action to break negative thoughts.

  7. Don’t Step on the Scale: The scale has absolutely nothing to do with positively affecting your weight loss.

  8. Talk to Yourself Like You Would a Friend: Don’t be hard on yourself.

  9. Forget the “Foods Are Good or Bad” Mentality: Live and enjoy life. Food is part of an enriched life experience. Allow yourself to enjoy the foods you like.

  10. Focus on the Attainable: Every step forward is progress. Don’t try to make up for lost time. Stick to your plan and work within your current capacity. Our bodies are way smarter than we think. Feed it well, exercise appropriately, and it WILL ANSWER THE CALL. I like for my clients to focus on 80% compliance. Just enjoy the process

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