“No Time to Waste”

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

20:00 AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

  • 10 TRX Overhead Squats

  • 12 TRX Sprinters w/ Hop (6/6)

  • 14 TRX Power Pulls (7/7)

//E2M//: 50 Double Unders or 75 Single Unders

SmartWod Timer Setting: EMOM / 2:00 / 20:00


Take 15-20 min to prepare your body for action with some dynamic exercises (performed at a light / moderate pace) that mimic the global movement patterns found in the workout (hip extension, mid-line flexion / extension, overhead shoulder range of motion, and upper body pushing and pulling). Then, spend at least 5 reps rehearsing the actual movements, and building up to working loads.


Your goal with this moderately technical TRX centric workout is to complete as many rounds and reps as possible of the TRX movement. However, the Jump Ropes may throw a monkey wrench into your initial plans of a high score. Every 2 minutes you will have to stop in the middle of your TRX progress to knock out 50 double under before resuming the sequence. Move with a purpose during the first 2:00 segment. Choose resistance vectors and progressions that will allow you to move unbroken for the first 2:00. Once the Jump Ropes begins, choose an option that allows you to complete all Jump Rope reps in no more than 1:00 or less so that you can maximize progress with the TRX sequence. This is not the time to practice your Double Unders. If you aren’t already proficient with them, stick with the singles or Penguin Hops. As always, Do Not compromise technique for speed. Don’t lolly gag around, but focus on high quality, flowing, suspension trainer movements.


3 x Super Set

  • 6-8 Natural Leg Extensions

  • 6-8 Dumbbell Single Leg Deadlifts (HVY)

  • 1:00 Rest


Foam Roll Session

  • 2:00 Lats (each)

  • 2:00 Quads / IT Band (each)

  • 2:00 Hamstrings (barbell)


  • TRX Squats (DB or KB; loaded)

  • TRX Sprint Start (no Hop)

  • TRX 2-handed Row (one foot)

  • Single Unders or Penguin Hops


TRX Overhead Squat

TRX Sprinter w/ Hop

TRX Power Pull

Double Under

Penguin Hops

Natural Leg Extensions:

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