“TRX Stroll in The Park (partner)”

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

7 Rounds For Time (each)

  • 14 TRX Chest Flys

  • 14 TRX Single Leg & Arm Squat / Row (alternating)

  • 7/7 TRX Half Kneeling Rollouts

*** 200M Run Interruptor ***

Cool Down:

1:00 Standing Calf Stretch (each side)

1:00 Standing Straddle Hold

1:00 Pigeon Pose (each side)

1:00 Supported Passive Shoulder Hang

1:00 Puppy Pose

1:00 Scorpion Pose (each side)

1:00 Sphinx or Seal Pose


This is a TIMED alternating partner workout! You will need to measure out a 100M turn around point and find a secure anchor point for your suspension trainer. Each partner must individually complete 7 rounds of the prescribed TRX workout. Partner 1 (P1) begins with the TRX movements, while Partner 2 (P2) takes off on the 200M Run. Once P2 returns from the run, P1 stops where they are on the TRX movements, and P2 begins their work on the TRX. After returning from each run, the athlete must begin where they left off on the TRX movements. This continues until BOTH partners have completed 7 total rounds of the prescribed TRX workout. The faster you complete the TRX movements, the less running you have to do (well depends on how fast your partner can cover 200 meters). As always, Never Compromise Mechanics For Speed! Go as fast as you can safely and correctly perform both the run and TRX movements. Don’t allow your ego and competitive spirit get in the way of your future fitness goals!!!!!

Warm Up:

Take approximately 20 minutes to Mobilize, Warm Up, and Rehearse the movements. Avoid static stretching until the cool down. Combine some dynamic / active movements the mimic the patterns of the exercises you will perform in the work out. Keep it light. Be sure to rehearse the actual movements in 5-15 reps of each at performance loads before starting the clock to get your jam on.


Choose resistance vectors and scaling modifications that will allow you to complete this partner workout in 30 min or less. Be deliberate throughout the TRX movements, and use that time to catch your breath. Even though the Time component injects considerable intensity into to this workout, Do Not Compromise Mechanics over speed. Time your first run, as well as the first segment of your TRX work, and try to maintain the same pace throughout the workout. The time is up when both partners have completed 7 rounds of the TRX work, or at the 30:00 cap, whichever comes first. Record total time for completion. Give yourselves a high five, and treat your self to a beer!


Run / Walk: 100M Rounds: 5 each Reduce Vector Resistance Single Leg Squat: Reverse Balance Lunge w/ Row Chest Fly: Chest Press


TRX Chest Fly

TRX Single Leg/Arm Squat Row

TRX Half Kneeling Rollout

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