TRX Suspension Training & Chasing The Plank

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Regardless of training or exercise modality, maintaining a strong Mid-Line should always remain a top priority throughout any Holds and / or Dynamic Movement.

Utilizing a TRX Suspension Trainer is an excellent way to bring awareness of Mid-Line Stabilization to all of your physical activities. One of my favorite cues as a coach and personal trainer is “Chase the Plank”. However, simply incorporating TRX into your training, will not automatically ensure that your Plank Mechanics are always sound.

Before performing any TRX exercises that require you to place your feet in the straps, make sure that your plank mechanics are on point. Can you plank while standing? Absolutely!

In my professional opinion, I believe that gymnasts probably demonstrate the best subject matter expertise when it comes to training impeccable Mid-Line Stability and Strength.

It all starts with the Hollow Position. As you begin to master the Hollow Position, you will

quickly realize that it is really just an inverted plank.

Characteristics of a Proper Plank Position (Hollow):

  • Hand Shoulder Width Apart & directly under the Shoulders

  • Shoulders slightly Externally Rotated & Protracted (rounded)

  • Lower Back slightly Flexed (rounded); not extended or sagging

Helpful Cues:

  • Squeeze your butt

  • Squeeze inner Calves and Thighs together

  • Point your Toes

  • Push Shoulders Away from the floor

  • Pull your belly button into your spine

  • Pull your Ribs to your Pelvis.

Stability Progressions:

  • Standing: hold a light object in front of yourself

  • Elevate: upper body on box or with TRX handles; decrease vector appropriately

  • Floor Plank: hands and feet on even plane

  • Suspended: elevate you feet; first on a box and then into the TRX handles.

  • Dynamic Movement: practice a variety of movement patterns will maintaining Mid-Line Stability.

Practice these positions without, and then with the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Instructional Videos:

Hollow Body Position with Carl Paoli:

Plank / Push Up Position with Carl Paoli:

Hollow Body Progressions:

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