“Twenty-Four / Seven”

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

3 Rounds for Time: (15:00 cap)

  • 24 TRX Pull Ups

  • 7 KB/DB Goblet Squats

  • 24 TRX Clock Presses (alternating)

  • 7 KB/DB Goblet Squats

  • 24 Seated Leg Raises (alternating)

  • 7 KB/DB Goblet Squats

5:00 Rest


3 Rounds:

400M (1/4 mile) Bike Sprint

2:00 Rest BTW

Cool Down:

2:00 Quad Smash (each side)

2:00 Lat Smash (each side)

This is a short, but intense gem that has it all…Pulling, Pressing, Legs, & Core. And, if you aren’t convinced that you can’t get an incredible cardio workout from resistance training after this, then you most likely won’t last long in a zombie apocalypse. So, keep it moving on this one.


Take 15-20 min to prepare your body for action with some dynamic exercises (performed at a light / moderate pace) that mimic the global movement patterns found in the workout (hip extension, mid-line flexion / extension, overhead shoulder range of motion, and upper body pushing and pulling). Then, spend at least 5 reps rehearsing the actual movements, and building up to working loads.


Choose Loads and Scaling Options that will allow you to finish in under 15:00. Do Not compromise controlled technique for speed. Try to go Unbroken on the KB/DB Goblet Squats with as heavy weight as you can manage while maintaining a neutral spine. Try to complete the other movements in no more than 3-4 sets. The Goblet Squats will add up and make the Seated Leg Raises much harder than anticipated. Press into the floor with your hands, keep your heels and thighs pressed together and toes pointed for each rep. Each time your legs pass over the object it counts as 1 rep (24 lifts). Record total reps completed if the time runs out. Otherwise, record your time. Use the whole 5:00 rest, to recover for the upcoming 3 x 400M Bike sprint. Record the total time it takes for each 400M Sprint. Try your best to maintain consistent time for each round. Use the 2:00 rest between rounds in order to maximize your effort each sprint.


Using a foam roller, Smash your Quads and Lats for a minimum of 2:00 each side. Find those hot points and hang out until the tissue in that area begins to release.



  • 5 Goblet Squats

  • 18 Other movements

Pull Ups:

  • Use your legs to help spot

  • TRX Rows

  • Decrease Vector

Clock Press:

  • Decrease Vector

Leg Raises:

  • Hands behind hips

  • Lower Object Lean Back

Goblet Squat:

  • Decreased Load

Pull Up:

Pull Up (scale):

KB / DB Goblet Squat:

Seated Leg Raise:

TRX Clock Press:

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