Meet The Team Who Will Guide YOU Through Your Transformation!

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owner & founder SunDog CrossFit 
owner & founder Go Wild Juicery

owner & founder Go Wild Nutrition
CrossFit Level 1 with Chris Spealler 
CrossFit Level 2 with Todd, Jesse, & Nadia 
CrossFit KIDS with John Brown 
CrossFit Mobility and Movement with Roop Sihota 
CrossFit Gymnastics with Chuck Bennington 
CrossFit Weightlifting with Coach Burgener 
CrossFit Endurance with Paul DeAngelis 

CrossFit Rowing with Jonathan Burns
Starting Strength Course with Mark Rippetoe  
FuBarbell Workshop with Diane Fu 
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach 
USA Powerlifting Club Coach with Larry Maile 
TRX Functional Fitness Instructor 

Breazeal Gymnastics Workshop with Kati Breazeal
CPR/First Aid/ AED 

HSN Nutrition Coach
B.S. Education (specializing in Early Childhood Development) 
M.S. Education Administration 


I spent 18 1/2 years teaching elementary school and managing the ups and downs of being a military wife. I'm the mother of 5 AMAZING kids (ages 13-24), and two Yorkie Mixes (Chloé - the sweet one & Willow - the crazy one).  I've been married for 29+ years to my high maintenance ;) husband Charles (a Go Wild Fitness Coach) and while it's been a crazy and wild ride these last 30+ years~ all the ups and downs have led me to my newest adventure here at Go Wild Nutrition. When I'm not working- I love to hang out with my kids, be outside near the beach as often as possible, practice yoga, visit with friends, travel, drink SAKÉ, listen to Bon Jovi, cook up healthy eats and try new things.  

In 2015, I founded Go Wild Juicery because I wanted a positive place for others to find healthy eats and drinks in Fairbanks.  My husband and I founded SunDog CrossFit with the desire of creating an encouraging and supportive community in Fairbanks, Alaska for absolutely anyone, no matter their fitness level, to find success.  We have been blessed by some of the most amazing people in our little spot up north!  


Although I've always been active and deeply interested in health and nutrition, it wasn't until I found CrossFit, that my desire to understand my own physical capacities and reach higher levels of fitness exploded.  I am continually learning, practicing, improving, and have been fortunate to attend courses by THE BEST in the business.  I am beyond passionate about helping others, especially those ladies out there like me that spent the first half of their adult life taking care of a husband, kids, and others while often neglecting our own needs.  With all five pregnancies I gained 45-50 pounds - literally EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I understand the struggle to get back to a comfortable and sustainable weight and truly believe we each have our own natural ability to excel and find true happiness in where we are each day. I believe in YOU and your potential to feel healthy, be fit, and find the happiness you deserve for the rest of your life.  I hope you'll allow me the honor to be part of your life transformation journey!  

"You've got the rest of your life to practice and improve ~ Don't Rush The Process!"


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owner/ coach SunDog Community Fitness

fitness coach Go Wild Nutrition

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Kettlebell

CrossFit Mobility and Movement

CrossFit Scaling Course

CrossFit Weightlifting

CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Anatomy

CrossFit Adaptive Athlete

CrossFit Rowing

Starting Strength Course

FuBarbell Workshop

Breazeal Gymnastics Workshop

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2010)

ACE Sports Performance Specialist (2014)

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist (2016)

ACE Functional Training Specialist (2018)

TRX Suspension Trainer

CPR/ First Aid/ AED


My biggest accomplishment in life is being married for 28+ years to my ROCK (the one who keeps me grounded) and she happens to be the owner of Go Wild Nutrition.  My second biggest accomplishment is my five incredible kids ~ I'll always be their biggest supporter!  And that brings me to my third biggest accomplishment -- doing this right here ~ changing lives by helping others like you create and then maintain life long positive daily habits.  I absolutely love seeing people realize how capable they truly are not just in fitness and health, but in life!  Anything is possible if you think outside the box, dig deep, and put in the work!  In my free time you'll find me doing the things I love most - working out, cooking, and watching movies with my kids.

I spent 20+ years serving in the Army which gave me many opportunities to improve the health and fitness of my soldiers. While deployed to Joint Base Balad, Iraq in 2009, I helped create a program known as Elite Tactical Fitness. The program became the most popular and longest running Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) fitness programs at that time in Iraq. I used my experience in Iraq, and in 2012, opened Elite Urban Fitness in Fairbanks, Alaska then affiliated with CrossFit in 2014 and became known as SunDog CrossFit.   In 2017, I developed CircuiT-Rx, a HIIT style boot camp to join the list of programs we offer at SunDog CrossFit. I currently have over 25 years experience training people of all ages with varying fitness backgrounds.  I strongly believe your level of fitness must extend beyond the gym and into your daily life. I look forward to watching your journey unfold and hope you'll give me the opportunity to help you overcome the obstacles standing in your way.

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Co-owner, Goldstream Sports

Fitness Trainer, SunDog Community Fitness

Nutrition Coach, Go Wild Nutrition

CrossFit Level 1

Breazeal Gymnastics Workshop with Kati Breazeal

Track Operator Far North BMX

Treasurer, West Valley High School XC Ski Team

B.S. Engineering Mechanics

M.S. Engineering Mechanics


I have a long history in recreational and competitive athletics. I started off in dance and gymnastics as a child and did casual family bicycle rides with my Dad.  That evolved to competitive racing where I competed in many road and mountain bike races, including winning a Cat 4 State Champion title in Wisconsin.  I completed several century (100 mile) rides, and before my husband and I were married we completed a Double Century bike ride! This desire to be active translated into the winter sport of cross-country skiing.  As a child I would make yearly trips with my dad to several marathon ski races in the Midwest including the famous Birkebeiner. On the competitive side I finished second in the Tour of Anchorage 50K XC-ski race when I was in my 30’s. Our growing family in Fairbanks found the summer sport of bicycle BMX and soon became involved in running the track and events.  Our whole family races on the track in age and ability level heats.  Here we mentor riders of all ages, kids to adults. I love to work with the community, to be outside with my family gliding on the trails in glow of the winter light, or riding bikes through the Fairbanks summer sun. 


I discovered CrossFit as an older athlete and love it!  It was a chance meeting since I didn’t even know what CrossFit was.  I soon discovered that the community, camaraderie, support and coaching are amazing.  I brought my tears, fears and joys to the gym and worked through them during every workout with caring people.  It was here that I also began to realize the importance of nutrition, not only for athletic events, but for overall health.  While you can “get by” in your youth, as you age your body requires more love and attention.  


Now I love coaching fitness because I love to see the athletes growing stronger, more confident, improving their movements and fitness and feeling good about themselves and their accomplishments!


As a nutrition coach I want to do the same thing for my clients.  I want YOU to feel good!  I’ve been fueling my family with a healthy diet and I can help you do the same.  I’ve helped “engineer” training plans, strength workouts, and healthy habits, and found myself supporting Alaska Junior National Cross-Country Ski Team athletes, my two sons, in nutrition.  Education is a life long journey and I’ll continue to take courses, learning from the best, so I can help improve the quality of life of for myself, my family, my clients and those around me, through nutrition and healthy habits.


Life is an amazing gift.  Remember who you are and where you want to go and stay focused on that goal, and take a nap if you need it!